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            Submitting the Spotlight Questionnaire Via Email

            This FAQ applies to those trying to submit a Spotlight questionnaire, but having technical difficulties using the online form.

            If you are applying for a Spotlight article on your business, but having trouble completing the online form, you can email us a document containing your answers.  

            Instructions for submitting the Spotlight information via email: 

            • Please download this .doc (MS Word) file containing the questions.
            • Fill it out with your answers. Then save the document on your hard drive.
            • Then email the saved document containing your answers, to us. 
            • Remember to attach some images to the email, or include the URLs of where we can find the images online. (Images are very important to make the article interesting for other readers.)
            • Use the word "Spotlight" in the subject line of your email.  
            • Send it all to:

            Please note: it is better to complete the online questionnaire whenever possible. Use this email method ONLY when you can't submit online for a technical reason.

            Here's why: if we have to manually enter the information on our end, then it will take us longer to get to your Spotlight article.  

            The online Spotlight questionnaire can be found here.

            Updated: 27 Aug 2018 09:07 AM
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