How to get your business book reviewed on Small Business Trends

How to Get Your Book Reviewed

We've reviewed over 800 business books on Small Business Trends.  

We review only business books.  No fiction books. No cook books. Strictly books of interest to small business owners, entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and managers in a small business.

We do this as a service for our readers.

Little known fact:  small business people love to learn! It's hard for small business people to find the time and budget to attend conferences. So books are a staple for those of us committed to improving our businesses.

If you are an author or book publicist and would like to get a business book reviewed on Small Business Trends, start by visiting our Book Review FAQs.  It is important that you read the Book Review FAQs first.

Please ask before mailing books to us. We'd hate for you to waste a review copy of a book.  Sometimes we can't get to a book right away due to prior commitments. Or sometimes our reviewers receive their own review copies directly from a publisher or through NetGalley. Besides, most of our reviewers prefer electronic copies such as a PDF.  

To request a book review, please use one of the following methods:

Please use our Contact form and choose "Book Reviews" in the drop down menu.  

Or email your book review request to:

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