FAQs About The Small Business Trends Website

FAQs About This Site

Thank you for visiting!  We love having you on the site. 

You are currently in our Support Center,  reading FAQs about the Small Business Trends website.

The following Frequently Asked Questions can help you get the most out of the site experience.  

Who reads Small Business Trends?
Small business owners. Franchise owners. Millions of entrepreneurs who have started a business. Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a business or side business.

Small manufacturers. Independent retailers. Consultants.

Consumer service providers such as hair stylists. Home remodelers and roofers.  

Makers. Handmade artisans. 

People just like you! 

Who built this site?
This site was founded by Anita Campbell in 2003. She bootstrapped it from personal savings, with no outside investment.

Over the years it has grown into a small business with a full-time team. Read more about us.

How much content is in the Small Business Trends website?
As of December 2018, we have over 22,000 articles.  We have been continuously publishing since 2003.

We run this website as a small business. Content is the product we create. Plenty to explore! 

What is the business model of Small Business Trends LLC?
We are in the digital publishing business.

So how do we create all this content and cover operating expenses and pay our writers and team?  From advertising and sponsorship revenue.

That way, we never have to charge you as the reader. This website is ALWAYS free for readers like you to read. 

What is :  "Small business success ... delivered daily"?
"Small business success ... delivered daily" is our tagline.  It is our company mission in five words. 

Our team publishes relevant information each day.  We hope that information contributes to your success.  You can  learn about a new resource to try, a new technique to apply -- or some other nugget. 

This mission defines the type of original content we create.  We focus on a mix of news and evergreen advice and tips articles. Why? Because we know you need both kinds of information. 

As small business people ourselves, we start with what we would want to know. But we don't stop there. We continually analyze "big data" traffic and engagement stats, to see what is most popular with readers.  Because what truly matters is what YOU want. 

What is this digital Magazine I see?
In addition to the website, we also publish a digital magazine. It's called Small Business Trends Magazine

Anyone can browse the digital magazine online using our flippable reader app.

Or if you'd like, download a PDF of the magazine and save it.

We do not create a print version. But you are welcome to print off the magazine on your office printer. 

What is in your Small Business Resource Center?
From time to time we package up content in special formats. This includes guides, free ebooks, checklists, templates and other resources. The kind of cool resources you need to operate your business smarter, faster, better.

We place these in the Small Business Resource Center to make them easier to find in one place. 

How frequently does your newsletter go out?
We publish one email newsletter per week.  Our newsletter is a digest of our content. 

Don't have time to stay up to date on the new content we publish? You can get a briefing of key content in the weekly newsletter.

Subscribe to the Small Business Trends Newsletter.  

Can I republish one of your articles?
Partial excerpts: 

We're delighted if you want to quote a single paragraph or two, provided you give attribution to us.

You do not even need our permission to quote a brief excerpt. It's called "fair use."  U.S. copyright law allows quoting small portions. 

Full article: 

Please do not republish the full article, without our written permission. 

If you ask and explain the circumstances, we may give you permission to republish the whole thing. 

To request permission to republish the full text of an article in a newsletter, magazine, book, research paper, university course or on a website, please email:  sbtips@gmail.com

How do we know if content is sponsored?
Transparency is important.  All sponsored content is clearly labeled as such. We let you know when we have received financial support to create content by marking it "sponsored."

We keep a wall between our regular Content Operations and Ad Operations. Our writers and editors must adhere to our ethical standards, as well. 

Where can I find information about your site policies?
Our Site Terms and Conditions explain our site policies. 

If you are looking for copyright information, you can find it there. Our commenting policies are also there.

What about my privacy?
Your privacy is important to us. Our Privacy Policy is where you can find out our policies about cookies and data, and how we safeguard your data. 

GDPR consents can also be managed from that page. We utilize a sophisticated data consent management module from our partner, Ezoic.

Where do I find the Small Business Trends logo?
Why can't I find the articles I am looking for?
Our main Content Search function is where to look for articles and resources on particular topics.

We use Google Custom Search for the main search.  It's powerful - the same kind of search technology Google uses for its search engine.    

Please do not use the search function in this Support Center to find small business content. The search box in this Support Center is only for Help information. 

Is your site name Small Biz Trends?
The official name is "Small Business Trends."  "Small Biz Trends" is a nickname some give us.  It comes from our URL.

You see, back when we started the site, the domain name of smallbusinesstrends.com was not available.  We later acquired the domain name at auction (and paid a pretty penny, too!). But by then everyone knew the smallbiztrends.com domain. Oh well - lesson learned. 

"Small Business Trends" is our registered trademark.  It is registered in the USPTO.gov  database.

"Small Biz Trends," "Smallbiztrends" and the tagline "Small business success ... delivered daily" are also considered trademarks by us.

I noticed a broken link - whom do I notify?
For a broken link, feel free to leave a comment under the applicable post or article.

At least two people on our staff read and moderate all comments. So we will find your comment and fix the link.

Or you can use the contact form identified below to alert us.

How do I contact someone?
Use the Contact Form if you need to reach us. That's the best method.  It will get routed to the right person.

Please note: we get hundreds of emails per week. Therefore, it's not possible to respond to them all.

We do read all of them, however.  And we appreciate your contacting us. 

We hope you have a successful day!  

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