How to request a correction to a Small Business Trends article

Corrections to Articles

We try hard to be accurate in all news stories. 

However, should you wish to point out a factual correction, our team of Editors will look into it and address it.

How to Request a Correction

Please send a correction request email to our News Desk at:

For the fastest resolution when contacting us, be sure to:
  • Include the phrase "Correction Request" in the subject line.
  • Include the URL for the article, so we can immediately find it. With over 22,000 articles in the site, we may not know where to start unless you tell us. 
  • Specify exactly which fact you believe is not accurate, and how it should be corrected. 
  • Include your name and company affiliation.  
It is also helpful if you include a phone number. That way if we need more information quickly or we're not sure what you mean, we can reach you to clarify. 

Correcting Source Quotes

If your request involves a quote from a source and you believe our quote is inaccurate, please specify why you think it is inaccurate.

We strive hard to quote sources correctly and our journalists take good notes. But sometimes with several hands touching a story during the editing and pre-publishing stages, sentences can get moved around, words left out from pasting, and so on.

Inadvertently, the meaning can get changed. If a quote is not accurate we will fix it. 

If The Change Does Not Appear

If we say we've made the article correction and you don't see it live, check back in a few hours. With such a large site, we cache our pages. And it can take a while for the cache to refresh.  
If you give it 24 hours and still don't see the change, then write back.  Our technical team can purge the cache and force the page to refresh. 

If you are a link builder or SEO firm, please do not use the above method to suggest including a link for your client in an existing article. We get over 100 requests per week to insert links into articles. We do not respond to link requests -- we trash them. 

Here's a better alternative: focus on being newsworthy to get coverage in our site. 

If you think your client's site (or your own site) would be of interest to small business readers, pitch our Editors on it. Explain why it's newsworthy. Or apply for a Small Business Spotlight article. We may decide to do a story -- if it's newsworthy or interesting to readers in some way.  

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