How to Get a Small Business Spotlight

How to Get a Small Business Spotlight

We love to write about small businesses. Would you like us to cover your business?  

We have a special program called the Small Business Spotlight. And it is 100% FREE.

What is a Spotlight?

A Spotlight is a light, fun type of article highlighting a small business.

Each week we feature one small business in a Spotlight.  Think of it as a profile of your business.

We ask some questions. You answer and tell us about your business.  

If we think other entrepreneurs will be interested or inspired, we may write an article about your business. 

Who is eligible?

The Small Business Spotlight is open to almost all small businesses.

We define a small business as having 1 to 100 people. In other words, you can be a solo entrepreneur just launching your startup. Or you can represent an established Main Street business with 99 employees. Or something in between. 

You can be in any industry.

Location does not matter. You can have a brick and mortar location in your town. You can run a virtual software business. You can be a home-based consultant. Your business can be anywhere in the world. 

What is the criteria to be accepted for a Spotlight?

Interesting answers to the questionnaire!

Tell a story about your business. Or share a lesson you've learned.

We judge the Spotlight based on whether we think other small businesses will be interested.

Are there examples of Spotlights?

You can read over 240 examples in our Small Business Spotlight category

What's the process to get a Spotlight?

Apply online by filling out a questionnaire. It is easy. 

Once you complete the form, it goes into our queue. Our Editors will take a look and decide.  

To get started:

Fill out the questionnaire on the Small Business Spotlight page

You can also email the answers.  Read: email the Spotlight questionnaire.  

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